Saturday, February 19, 2011

Warrior WIP

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Riot Art Internship

This was the final piece I gave Riot for my Art Internship test.  I didn't get the internship but that's ok. I learned alot of valuable lessons from doing the art test. The concept I was given is the bust piece on the upper right of the shot.  I definitely learned alot about how to streamline my workflow.  Hopefully Ill get another shot at it down the road.

Monster BLARGH

Started sculpting a monster randomly in class, this is how far I got after a few hours.  Don't know if Ill finish it or not, but it was damn fun.

A new challenger has entered! Valkri

This is a character collab I'm working on with a good friend

We're working on a giant mech/demon walking fortress and this Valkrie are basically the little minions/turret gunners of said machine.  It's gonna kick ass! Here's the concept I was given and below is my Highpoly WIP

Final Shot of Narayan

I finished this a while back but I made some changes from the last post. Fixed some proportions and added an additional shoulderpad etc etc. Ill repost some stuff once the rig is finished.